Sunday, May 11, 2008

Eslick Gallery

Feel free to browse all T. H. Eslick related photos at


Bodgie said...

Dear Aaron and Tania. I can't believe I have found your site. I am currently writing a history of White City and Mr Eslick obviously features. I'd like to use some of your images and - by return - send you some of mine from his birthday in 1916!

You can check my work as a historian at

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Dorothy said...

Dear Aaron and Tania,
Have just found your site after spending ages trying to find ANY information on the White City Amusement Park. I can't believe there is so little on the internet about it!!!! I collect postcards and have just bought one (that was affordable - most are very expensive, if you can find them!) and the park really intrigues me. Have done some research in the newspapers, but would really love to be able to have a copy of some of your images if possible.


My email is :

if you would care to reply.